About Us

HannahMy name is Hannah Johnson on the left. This is my highest ranking UK lifestyle article – Little Angels Blog. The Little Angels Diary discusses subjects like pregnancy, my kids and anything worth talking about.

Initially, this blog was a method of recording our life. It has developed and become so much more. I presently use it as a source to display my passions, to showcase my photography and to let my followers in on some of my style secrets, suggestions and tips. I am astonished by all the great things that have come out of it.

I and my husband otherwise known as the Tall Fella at a blind date (17 years ago), we got engaged accurately a year after that date in Newcastle of all places. It’s our most loved spot to visit, with me being half Irish, the tall fells shows his sentimentalism, reserved the trip as a surprise and requested the friends who got us to meet to come too.

We had our first little girl Tanya 12 years ago and she has been a fantasy of a girl, such a down to earth character yet very smart, dedicated and competitive. She spends much of her time now in bed or slamming doors… but that’s okay right?

Next, well approximately 6 years after really, came our wavy haired little June, who was such breeze of a baby. She possesses the Shirley Temple look birthed in a different period. A red hot temperament, good hearted, amazed by animals, nature and seeing videos of other kids unpacking kinder eggs.

I have worked some fabulous bloggers on joint projects and also some great organizations which include John Lewis, Royal Caribbean, Homebase, B&Q, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, Disney and Micro Scooters.

I also work as the editor of the BritMums Home and Design Round Up where I find out all the greatest interior posts penned by bloggers every month.

I am also a member of the joint travel blog We Blog Travel, which is written by three mums who have discovered a new love for travelling.