Postnatal me

Presently as I sit here writing this, it has been a little over two weeks since I brought my second kid Tanya into this world. Prior to his birth, I would have said that I would have anticipated that at this numerous days baby postnatal, Id only be beginning to accordingly recoup, maybe by this time, I may have had the power to go ahead and bathe by myself and saunter about a bit like usual. But actually this time all that took place inside few hours of birthing.

When I gave birth to my first child (June) I had no clue what’s in store for me. I hadn’t thought how I’d feel subsequent to giving birth but I undoubtedly didn’t anticipate feeling as bad as I did. I wasn’t able to stand up at all feeling like I was going to black out, I felt fragile, drained and always lightheaded. Being that I am not the individual who ever takes lying about and resting extremely well and because I was experiencing such claustrophobia in the ward, I asked to be released from the hospital in spite of not feeling prepared. At the house, a couple of days later I tried to bathe by myself without my husband’s assistance but I wounded up fainting in the shower, waking up to discover myself trembling involuntarily at the bottom of the bath. I wound up back at the hospital with a suspected blood clot when they learned that my oxygen levels would fall considerably each time I stood up, however gratefully further tests revealed that there were no clots.

I am certain that it was a mixture of things that made me feel so ailing after having June; I’ve generally figured it to be having low blood pressure worsened by the epidural (which is commonly analyzed to lower blood pressure levels). The epidural made me feel bit alien in general (as considerate it was for taking the torment of contractions away). I also lost a considerable volume of blood after giving birth to June and I doubt that my iron levels may also have been a bit down. It took me a couple of weeks to feel normal again after having June, it was physically and mentally tough, especially when looking over other new mums on the ward apparently bob out of the bed the same or following day after they had given birth.

Id rationally set myself up this time around, I was prepared to acknowledge that Id possibly need to spend a couple of days if not more recuperating in bed after having Tanya. Contrary to my expectations, much to my surprise this time around, things had been altogether different. I was stable and up on my feet and even released from the hospital the very same day that I gave birth to Tanya. I was provided a better injection to aid deliver my placenta, unlike the injection that I was provided when I gave birth to June. It implied that I didn’t lose as much blood as I did previously. I also didn’t get the epidural till ten minutes prior to Tanya’s birth as there were not any anesthetists accessible, Id felt specifically disappointed at that time as my labour with Tanya had been extremely excruciating but then because I was immobile and couldn’t get up and get the epidural done properly reason being my continual pain, the epidural try failed entirely. So despite the fact that I didn’t receive any pain aid, it implied that I wasn’t feeling numb which in turn implied that I could stand up and saunter inside of an hour of giving birth, which after what Id rationally readied myself for felt pretty fabulous.

Postnatal, I’ve felt so good this time around, I figured out how to shower at the hospital without anyone’s assistance hours later of Tanya’s birth and I was even fine and preparing a home-made dinner at the house the following day. Regardless of the fact that Tanya’s birth was rather difficult than June was, my post-birth experience this time around has been significantly better. Mentally, I was feeling fantastic too. In the previous two and a half weeks I’ve had only two “Oh my God I am exhausted, depleted, consumed and no knowledge of what day, month or year it is (though both of these days are together with Tanya going through with severe trapped wind and signs of colic).

The initial couple of weeks with a new baby are undoubtedly not a piece of cake, specifically if you toss a baby in to the mix and top that with two home organizations that neither my husband or I are on their leaves from. I am just now beginning to just run with it though and do my best to ease up regarding things more. Truth be told, I assume that I will always be the type of individual that appears to like functioning at one hundred and ten miles per hour.

My Pregnancy Favorites

I’ve settled on not naming this post as Pregnancy essentials as none of these things are truly essential to pregnancy; they are just quite handy and have turned into pregnancy favorites of myself. Additionally I have also shot and uploaded a video for my YouTube channel, so if you want to have a little watch, you can discover it below:

Orange Juice and Spatone:

I am not certain if that’s totally a craving as such but I truly have a thing for Freshly squeezed orange juice amidst pregnancy – It was also like this when I was pregnant with Ethan. Whenever I have it, I feel rejuvenated like I have been filled with energy. Its hilarious as just after a few weeks after I had Ethan, I quit buying it that lot (If at all) so I am certain that my adoration for orange juice is pregnancy related. I attempt to add Spatone to my orange juice if I remember to, to those who do not know of Spatone – it is an iron rich water so it is known to aid with iron levels, which amid pregnancy particularly in the third trimester can get a little low.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:

I am one of those individuals who just need to sleep with something in the middle of their legs – despite of the pregnancy. I cannot believe how uncomfortable it is to have my knee caps touching so Id generally use any pillow to diminish my discomfort. I recently saw this little gem though in the face of a pregnancy wedge from Boppy and it has turned into my new best pal! It’s the ideal size for what I use it for and it can furthermore be used to prop up the bump if I am not too cozy. It’s also more pleasant on the eye than the pillow I used previously.

Stretch Mark Creams and Oils:

I don’t have a specific favorite when it descends to stretch mark creams or oils. I am aware that people recommend and say that Bio Oil is great and I have utilized it amidst this pregnancy( Its not pictured because I ran out and already have trashed the empty bottle) yet I am not certain if any of the things I used emerge out as my favorites. I think that’s may be because I still do have a couple of stretch marks despite utilizing the products that are intended to end them. Withstanding the fact that I still have stretch marks, I like using creams and oils that are intended to moisturize the skin on my extending stomach and who knows may be my stretch marks could have been much worse if I didn’t use them.

Cath Kidston Diary:

You are most likely pondering why I have included my diary in this article, it is a little odd one as it’s not in fact pregnancy related and I am completely true – I am not an organized diary user normally, but I seem to turn into an organized diary sorta gal while I am pregnant. When I initially got to know of my pregnancy, I went ahead and documented how far along I’d be ever week ahead of time. I also make use of it to stay on track with my scan dates, obstetrician appointments and any injections or vaccines I am scheduled to go through. I also utilize it to stay up to speed on my shifts at work and other normal going-on’s in our lives. I was exactly like this when I was pregnant with my first son but the same week that he was born I quit using my diary, haha! So my little advancement in the area of organizing is surely a pregnancy thing.

Maternity Nightie from the Essential One:

Ah! I adore a nice nightie! For me, there is nothing superior than being cuddled up all nice and cozy in my sleepwear, a pair of slippers and my robe – its ecstasy and even better during pregnancy. The nightie is new and I got it from The Essential One, it is by all means an accurate maternity nightie and is truly beautiful on. Even Adam said that it looked really beautiful. I will be bringing it with me in my hospital bag and though I would prefer not to mess it up, I think I may put it on during labour as its just truly cozy and nice to wear ( and is undoubtedly amazing).


I love slippers and I am addicted to them – I wear them all the time. I adore them because they are so cozy and warm and not even the warm heat can isolate me from my slippers! The above are from Tesco and are the ones that I will be bringing along with myself in my hospital bag as being bare backed they are much tinier compared to my normal boot slippers so will occupy less space in the bag. They are featured here as a pregnancy favorite as when you are pregnant it’s all about being cozy.

Pregnancy ++ application

I really adore this application and I am a loyal user. I used it all along through my pregnancy with Ethan too. Its known as Pregnancy ++ or there is also a different version (Which I think is the free version though don’t quote me) known as Pregnancy +. It’s such a great application for pregnancy; there are numerous elements on it infact it is filled with each and everything regarding pregnancy. My favorite features are the week after week updates, 3D and scan pictures of the baby the exact week as yours look like, infant size guide, infant name list, pregnancy timeline and bump development pictures. Every Monday I sit and read the week by week pregnancy update to Adam and we get so thrilled – I adore it!

Paracetamol and Pregnacare:

I don’t take pain relief medicine too often unless I completely need to yet I needed to incorporate paracetamol as it is the single most pain relief you can ingest while you are expecting. I have utilized it a couple of times throughout my pregnancy to help with my back pain and headaches so it is featured on my list. On a different note, I have been taking the Pregnacare vitamin every day during my pregnancy. Its prescribed by obstetrician as being the best vitamins to take while you are expecting so just like when it was with Ethan – it’s been my go to pregnancy vitamin.


I feel so fortunate to be sitting here with my healthy and cheery young boy and to be 36 weeks pregnant with my second little boy. I am at a loss for words when it descends to explaining how thankful I am for everything I am blessed with. But feeling appreciative is one thing and feeling completely drained is another. And amidst this pregnancy, I’ve encountered a great deal of both of those things.

My second pregnancy while it seems to have passed quickly has felt more difficult than my first. I at times ponder if maybe it’s just that I lost memory of how exhausted I felt while I was pregnant with June or maybe I was just as tired but possibly it’s how they say it is giving birth.. You quickly cease to think about the negatives since what’s bygone is bygone and you are left with the most priceless thing you can ever think of. Who knows- all I know is that amidst this pregnancy encompasses an actual fog of depletion.

I’ve depended on my husband a great deal more so these last couple of months- nonstop he’s been my lifesaver yet I’ve experienced a great deal of guilt regarding that. I frequently get disappointed in myself for depending on him this lot. I’ve pondered a lot of time how women that don’t have their spouses at house as much as I do are able to pull it off and that makes me more baffled at myself and indeed that triggers my Mommy-guilt where I interrogate myself if I am appropriate enough mother as I haven’t sat on the floor and played with my little one as much as I could have recently and because I ceased to do all of that, at 31 weeks pregnant being the one to take her swimming or playgroup. But instantaneously bring my thoughts to a halt and starts moving up the spiral of guilty thoughts I am experiencing. I’ll make myself remember for the 1000th time, how utterly absurd I am acting. I softly but strongly make myself remember that I am pregnant – developing another human being within me, a human being that I will be bringing in the world in a couple of weeks’ time and possessing no energy is an integral part and parcel of the huge duty that I am requesting my body to perform.

It’s presently less than a week away until baby’s due date and regardless of the on-off exhaustion, Ill truly miss being pregnant. Personally I discover pregnancy somewhat similar to parenting in that respect it can be amazingly intense and astonishingly fantastic simultaneously. Unknown to the fact if this will be my final pregnancy kind of makes me want to clutch on to it and savor every little instant that much more (though, maybe not the part where I feel like a zombie). I realize that when it descends to glancing back on now and the next couple of weeks, it’s very possible that it all seems like a vague memory which is precisely what it feels when I flash back to having June. As a result of that, I am continually making myself remember not to long away these last couple of weeks and to ensure that I discover time to really cease and cherish them.

Pregnancy even though difficult at times is a gift. I’ll never quit feeling inspired by the utter enchantment our bodies can do and the truly fascinating way they can create the most unique and priceless tiny humans. Each day I spend hours visualizing what our baby will be like, what kind of identity he will lead on to possess and how it would feel to have a family of four. My heart is rejoiced with bliss and delight regarding these thoughts that I have genuinely never felt more content my whole life. After I had June, I have understood what my life is truly all about – it’s about family and bliss, it’s about producing recollections and sharing giggles. It’s about rejoicing the highs and grasp from the lows. Its regarding bringing up your kids most excellent way you can possibly muster and it’s about feeling glad of each small detail they do and will go on to do.

And when you consider the tough times you experience amidst your pregnancy and then you consider it, then all the exhaustion, hurt, pains and whatever else begins to feel irrelevant – Don’t you agree?