Dream Duvet Day

duvetdayfeature.jpgWhen I was a child, it was unbelievable to have a duvet day. You were forced to stay in bed if you were badly but that wasn’t contemplated as luxury, it was like torment. Other children would be out playing and you were to only see through the window, another kind of torture. My parents never had duvet days. Mother stayed asleep till 9 am but only one time simply because it was her birthday. Life was all about getting up sunny and early, continuing with your day and sleeping at bedtime. If you had free time, it’s a given that you had failed to do something.

Fast Forward to life as a grown up and the term duvet day is presently used in whispering tones like its something great and prohibited. Well, with all honesty it is. I mean a day, an entire day, lying in bed just because you are able to. The utter indulgence of it. It’s turning into such a thing that the great mattress people at Eve Mattress wish to be acquainted with everything regarding our dream duvet days.

I guess I probably have blogged about mattresses and their significance previously. As I have M.E, I am every so often in a lot of distress. Not particular pain in my big toe but pain all around. Each thing just pains. Parts that I was not aware could hurt yelled out that they can hurt too. Tiny errands like brushing hair turn into a form of torment. Wearing a sock… Overlook the fact that it is all way down below and if I reach there, I will never retract. So beds turn into best mates for M.E sufferers. We can curl up in the breezy sheets. Cuddle up in soft pillows. Imagine for a while that it will go away.

So my ideal duvet day would be very plain truly as I would rejoice the simplicity and peace of the day.

  • Huge fluffy duvet and pillows in breath taking covers. Egyptian cotton or fancy girly covers.
  • Terrible weather. I would love to see the raindrops hitting the windowpane when comfortable inside.
  • Additionally if it was bright outside, I’d feel remorseful that I aint out sorting the weeds.
  • My kindle with full battery.
  • Food supply. Anything that doesn’t make crumbs.
  • I would sit, sprawl, lie face up, and lie nestled into the quiet. In peace. Wonder. Think. Rejoice.

Oh and one last essential point, the children need to be away all day as I have discovered the fastest way to get them to never quit talking is to only mouth that you require a little peace.

What might be your fantasy duvet day?