What does my hospital bag contain?

Now that my pregnancy is soon to be concluded and I’ll be greeting my second little son and will be addressing to myself as a proud mum of two sons. I feel like I am almost ready, we still have a couple of things to take care of but we are so prepared to see our little boy now. My hospital bag is all prepared by myself but things are still pending that will be put together at the very end like cameras, phone chargers and some makeup for myself but this is some of the stuff that is still in everyday use so it’s a tad bit hard to pre-plan them.

Today I decided Id share with you how exactly I have prepared my hospital bag. Despite the fact that I have been a mother before and so understandably have prepared a hospital bag previously too, I was still a tad bit confused when it descended to reminding myself of everything that’s required so I resorted to the same hospital bag checklist that I utilized when pregnant with Ethan from C&G Baby Club, it’s fantastic because it covers each and everything you require prior and post labour and provides lots of tiny bits of suggestions and tips for packing.

The holdall that I am utilizing is from Pink Lining and is almost identical to this one. I adore it because not only is it astonishingly beautiful (Isn’t everything from Pink Lining) but it’s actually very roomy too – it precisely has room for loads of my things.

My toiletry bag is from Victoria Green and is filled with travel-sized mini’s, containing a fold out toothbrush, dry shampoo and the other normal toiletries ( All are displayed in the photo at the top). My make-up bag is by Cath Kidston.


I’ve also put in some Magicool – a soothing spray for quick heat relief. My instincts say that it might be of use during labour particularly for a birth in the sunny season.

The tiny green night suit is what Adam and I have chosen as baby’s first clothes and its by John Lewis. We also put in two muslin cloths from aiden and anais and from John Lewis respectively. The marine themed bibs are by Next and we also put in a small pair of in fact that are once again by John Lewis.

Above is baby’s homecoming dress, the grey and white lined onesie is by The Essential One and is manufactured with the smoothest material, it is perfect as it not only seems and feel like it will be amazingly cozy for our drive home but its also kind of roomy too so it would fit him regardless of what size he is at birth. The blue cardigan I have is a couple of years old and was bought from Next; it was Ethan’s first cardigan.

We brought two infant hats with ourselves which were bought from Tesco, some scratch mittens to guard baby from abrading himself and also these amazing three pack of small vests by The Essential one that compliments the fabulous sleeping suits below.

These are baby’s cute identical night suits that we have with us; they are in size newborn and so astonishingly plush. I am so eager to watch him in these; I totally adore these three designs

I’ve also taken my Tesco Mum Maternity Towels and breast pads ( I utilized these particular identical ones after I gave birth to Ethan and they were incredible so I decided to use them again). I also have some infant size nappies (from Tesco), cotton wool balls, nappy bags and a pair of Diary Dolls – a guarded panties customized for post maternity and periods ( Ive heard good things about these so I am anticipating to see how they work for me). Ive likewise stuffed some Water Wipes though they hadn’t come in time for the picture, as I have heard they are useful in utilizing on sensitive skin as an alternative to warm water and cotton fleece being that they are produced with 99% water.

This Jellycat bunny is a Ethan’s present to his younger sibling. We adore the Jellycat range of plush toys and we realized it was ideal. Ethan got a Jellycat doggy which was a present from his grandparents when he came into the world and he lays with it every night so we are anticipating that baby#2 will adore his Jellycat bunny the same amount and will want to cuddle his Jellycat bunny to sleep every night too when he is a little elder.

As a present from Baby to Ethan, we are trying to do a lot of things we are sure Ethan would adore. We have a Spot the Dog Counting Book, a Peppa pig noisy book, a minion activity pack and a reusable sticker pad. I am hoping that this just doesn’t only help in getting my little two sons get acquainted with one another but it will also be something to occupy Ethan amidst his hospital visits.

I am packing these pink cat backless slippers from Tesco with myself to keep my feet warn and I have also keep baby’s grey and white lined comforter for when we return home. The hot water bottle is from Tesco and I took it reason being I used it on the base of my back amidst my back labour with Ethan and it really aided in soothing painful contractions.

I have already stuffed two nighties in my bag too. The navy one with white hearts is my outright favorite maternity nightie – it’s by The Essential One. I cannot tell you how beautiful it looks when I wear it, I am so happy to own it, its fits around my baby bump superbly. The second one I bought from Primark, it is not specially designed for maternity but I got it in a larger size up and so it fits around my bump superbly too. I packed my swimming suit too in case I am required to use the birthing pool and I also got two maternity bras, the white one is from the Essential One and the black and white dotted one is the nightie from my first pregnancy and I got it from Blossom.

I have also put in few snacks and beverages (Ill be also be bringing a water bottle along) to keep my hubby and I filled up if it’s a long labor.

I have packed a change of clothes, socks and an extra black panty with me. I packed this very cozy navy and white striped maternity top from The Essential One and dark stockings and also a maxi dress I bought some time back from Primark. I have truly tried to only choose the dresses that I know I will be really cozy in. They are wrinkled a bit after being stuffed in a bag for this much time so I will have to get them a little bit ironed.

Extra things I have packed since then or the things that aren’t pictured above:

  • Water Wipes.
  • Flip Flops and Antibacterial wipes for the hospital ward shower.
  • Lip balm to prevent my lips from getting dry.
  • My necklace from Adam for emotional reasons.
  • An eye mask to help me rest in the brightly lit ward.
  • Ethans gifts from the baby( I need some more things though – advice is welcome)
  • A BRITA filter water bottle.
  • A Towel.
  • A hair band.
  • A pair of flat shoes.

So now that you have had a glimpse inside my hospital bag, I wanted to ask you all if you think I have missed out anything essential? Is there anything (not already shown above) that perhaps came in handy during your labour that helped in improving your experience?