How to prepare your child for a new Babysitter or Nanny

nannyWhen you are ready and have no option but to leave your kid in the watchful eye of a new babysitter or nanny, you and your child will profit by planning for the new person who is about to come into your kids life before the huge day arrives. With enough information and arrangements, your newborn or infant will feel sure and eager to meet his new caregiver. Below are a few suggestions to prepare your kid for this alteration in his life so there remains no anxiousness or fright when you leave him under the care of his new sitter.

Discuss about the Nanny/Sitter Weeks before they meet:

Before you spring another individual on your kid, set aside a little time to talk about the sitter prior to the real in-person meeting. By including the sitter in your everyday conversation, your kid will feel like he is already acquainted with the sitter prior actually meeting. Chat regarding the sitter’s eagerness to meet the family. Talk about what she looks like and what she likes doing. Let your kid make inquiries and discover as much as possible regarding the sitter. If she is fine with it, organize a pre-meeting telephone call or Face Time chat. When they meet, your kid will feel good now that he now knows a little about her. He will feel as if they have known each other already. This will put your kid’s fear of the unknown under control.

Get Some New Games or Toys for When the Sitter Comes:

To make the first meeting with the new sitter something your kid would anticipate, buy some new games and toys for your kid that he can engage in for the very first time with the sitter. With the expectation of the fun and something new to play with, he will not be able to resist until the sitter comes and they can play together. This will make a positive bond to the sitter. Your child and the sitter will create a special bond exploring the new games and toys as a team.

Make Artwork or Special Treats for the Sitter:

Children adore making grownups proud of them. Your kid will savor in making something good for the new sitter. He can draw a photo for her or bake biscuits with you to have with the sitter. Once the sitter comes, your kid’s presents will make her smile and in return will make your kid happy as well. Your kid will anticipate seeing her to gifts each time she comes by to take care of him. The sitter can take all the special gifts with her to make her remember of what a critical part she played in your kid’s life.

How did you go by making your kid ready to meet the new sitter?

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